Relief mission to Morocco
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$33,297.00 USD


A devastating earthquake has shattered lives and communities in Morocco. In this moment of crisis, the Cryptokhat Community is rallying together with Hands Foundation to provide much-needed relief.

The recent earthquake in Morocco has left a trail of destruction and heartache. Thousands of lives have been lost, and countless others are grappling with the aftermath. Families are displaced, homes are in ruins, and hope is fading.

Project Facts

Hot meals for 2 camps
Blankets for 250 people
Toilets at 2 camps
Food distribution for 250 packets
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Our Mission
As members of the Cryptokhat Community, we cannot stand idly by. We are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this tragedy.
NGO Partner

Hands Foundation is an Indonesian based Non Profit Organisation that was established on 5th July 2023 that aims to primarily focus on humanitarian issues such as conflict afflicted zones, disasters and other social issues in general with the best of capabilities

Their volunteers have been to more than 10 countries including Turkiye, Jordan, Lebanon, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen, Syria to provide assistance to the needy ones with more than 5 years of experiencesm.

They believe saving one life is like saving all of them.

Making a Difference: How Your Contribution Supports Those in Need in Morocco
The Hands Foundation is a beacon of hope in Morocco, tirelessly working to uplift communities and transform lives. They're currently involved in vital initiatives, providing clean water, food, shelter, blanket and medical aid to those in need. As our partner, every dollar you contribute directly supports the Hands Foundation's ongoing efforts on the ground, amplifying their impact.